Soft Surface Selection

Soft to the touch, carpets and area rugs have been a favorite in our customer's homes in past years and will continue to be for years to come!

Our Soft Surface Selection

Soft to the touch is a common hot denominator with our soft surface selection here at A & B Carpet One. With a variety of options ranging from color, style, texture, size, and even shape, we have it all!


It’s not like a customer can ‘window shop’ when it comes to carpet. While, there might not necessarily be a purpose to your carpet needs, I think you’ll find that our professional staff here at A & B will determine a purpose for you. It’s not as easy as picking a color these days. Carpets actually serve a purpose in our homes, just like hardwood or other flooring would!

Why are types of carpet important to know?

Sure, design and fashion is important but it’s not just about the aesthetics- there is a bit more of a science behind the woven material that we call carpet. Learn more about what the differences are and why they’re important.

A & B Exclusive Carpet Brands

Bigelow Stainmaster     
Extreme Value

Area Rugs

With all of the different options in our hard surface selection, our customers may be looking for another option outside of carpeting. That leads us to our area rugs. Customers may not know, but our area rugs selection incorporates custom area rugs. From hand knotted rugs to eclectic styles and designs, incorporating area rugs will bring your home to life where it needs it.

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